Improving your outcomes with young people

Making sure our grants make a difference to young people most in need

If you work with young people, families or in the community and want to make even more of an impact,  becoming an MKF Ambassador could be for you.

We want to make sure that young people in Birmingham who are most in need of a grant get the support they need to start their journey into education, work or training. We want those young people to know about the Matt Kendall Foundation and feel supported to apply.

As a youth/community professional you probably come across these young people everyday; young people who have a plan or the enthusiasm to really make something of their lives, but who don’t have the money for the basics. With the situation of the pandemic, we know that now more than ever do we need to help young people who don’t have access to these things.

As a charity we’ll pay for a range of different activities, training, equipment and support  – we just need people already working in the communities to know about us and help us reach people most in need.

What do MKF Ambassadors do? 

Being an MKF Ambassador is about being aware of the grants available and identifying young people. It could really help you as part of your current professional or voluntary role in the community.

Our Ambassadors

  • know about the Foundation and what our grants can pay for
  • identify young people through their professional or voluntary work who could benefit
  • identify or create existing or new opportunities in communities to publicise the grants, e.g. events
  • help young people to apply
  • help keep the Foundation working well – by feeding back on how the application process can be improved and let us know of changes in policy that will affect young people who come to apply

What is the commitment?

All we ask is that you:

  • Attend a one hour briefing session, at your convenience, that will explain more about the Foundation, the Trustees, what we will pay for and the application process.
  • Attend (either in person, over the phone or digitally) a bi-annual feedback session with the Trustees so that we can hear the voice of young people loud and clear to make sure that our application process, and even our grant criteria, is appropriate.

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