Two more young people receive grants from the Foundation

Two more young people have received grants from the MKF to help them into employment.

Benedicta was struggling to settle in a career, but really wanted to

Benedicta is a recipient of a MKF grant

Benedicta is a new recipient of a MKF grant

progress in the media industry. Already a talented amateur photographer, Benedicta wanted to train to be a professional, but the costs of education, equipment and training was just too high.  She’s now the recipient of a MKF grant and is now the proud owner of a DSLR camera and is already studying photography and media.

Mohamed needed to support his family and parents but found that he needed to retrain in the security industry.  Having gained the qualifications he needed he then found that not being able to drive was  a real barrier to getting the job he so badly wanted.

He’s now in a temporary security job but has been promised a long-term, stable position when he has passed his driving test.  The Matt Kendall Foundation is pleased to be able to support costs towards his driving lessons.   Good luck Mohamed!

A camera of my own is helping me to learn at my own pace and practice as much as I want and really learn how to improve. I want
to be really good at the skills I need to work in the Media. 


First of all I would like to say thank you very much to the supporters of the Matt Kendall Foundation who have helped me make my dream come true and make me do something in life and give me the opportunity to achieve something in life.

I will now look for a suitable driving instructor to have some lessons and take my driving test as soon as possible. The grant from the Foundation means that I can now achieve my dream of helping my family and have a good future.


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