Frequently asked questions about our grants and applying

We know that it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when you need to apply for something.  We’ve tried to make the application process as easy and as short as possible.

The main thing to remember is that you need to tell us your plans for getting into employment are, and clearly explain how the money will help you to get there.

Q.When is the deadline for applications?

A. There is no deadline. We consider applications all year round.   We’ll contact you as soon as possible about whether you have been successful or if we need more information.  We aim to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants. If you are unsuccessful please try again in the future.

Q. Do I have to do a written application and a video or audio application?

A. No. You just need to do one – a written, video or audio application.  Why not get someone to help you if you’re struggling.  The application doesn’t have to be a brilliant english essay – we just need to hear that you’re passionate about what you’re trying to do, what you need the money for and how that will help you to get a job in the long run.

I don’t live in Birmingham. Can I still apply?

The Matt Kendall Foundation can only support 16 to 25 year olds who live in a Birmingham postcode.  However, the Trustees reserve the right to consider very strong applications from young people immediately outside of the Greater Birmingham area in exceptional circumstances.

How many grants are you giving out?

We aim to help as many young people as possible – there is no limit, although our funds won’t last forever. Make sure you apply as soon as possible.

Do I need a sponsor or mentor to apply?

The Foundation encourages applicants to apply and name a ‘sponsor’ who will endorse your need for the grant.

However, if you can’t find a sponsor, don’t worry – you can still apply without one, but we may need to ask you a few more questions should we need to.

I want to use the grant for something else than you’ve listed.  Can I still apply?

Yes. The purpose of the Matt Kendall Foundation is to support as many young people who need help as possible, so if you have plan to get into employment but need it for something else that isn’t listed, we’re all ears!  Our list detailed just ideas of the sorts of thing we’ll support.  Just make sure that it’s not listed as something that we cannot support. However, all grants are made at the discretion of the Trustees, and their decision is final.

I’m not quite ready to apply, but want to explore my ideas with someone.  Who should I contact?

Not a problem!  Please contact us on to arrange a time to have a chat, or we can talk over email or even Facebook if that suits.

I don’t want to apply for a grant but want to support the Matt Kendall Foundation in another way. What can I do?

There are lots of ways you can support the Foundation – from being a corporate partner to a Friend of the Foundation. You can even give a one off donation, or fundraise yourself.   All donations will be supplimented by Gift Aid – where the government gives us an extra 25% on top of the donation if you are a UK tax payer.  You can read more about this on our website or get involved in the MKF Community on Facebook and Twitter.

I have more questions.  Who can I contact?

You can email if you have any other questions.






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