Meet Pheleba – the second recipient of a MKF grant

Pheleba has struggled with a number of different problems in her life – Pheleba x2

including depression.

She’s now the recipient of a £500 grant from the MKF and well on her way to becoming a qualified rhythmic  gymnastics coach.

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My name is Pheleba.

Recently I became a mother and have found myself having to seriously think what I want to do with my life to support my child.

I've been in love with rhythmic gymnastics since I started a class at the local sport centre when I was nine. 

During my life I've struggled with a few problems - one of the biggest was depression. It got so bad I wouldn't even get out of bed some days but after being invited to help coach at my old gym club things started to slowly change. I found myself looking forward to Wednesday evenings where I'd coach a small group.

More recently a permanent coaching position became available at the club but was only suitable for a coach who had the correct qualifications.

I leapt at the chance to do the course but quickly found myself stuck as the it costs hundreds of pounds. An amount I just didn't have.

The Matt Kendall Foundation has not only supported me get on the course but helped me secure a positive safe future for me and my baby.

Pheleba, May 2016

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