Who we’ve helped so far

If you’re 16 to 25 and live in Birmingham, we don’t care what background you come from.  If you’ve got a plan to get into work and training, but can’t afford the expenses  to get there that most people take for granted, we’re there for you.

We’ve given 30 young people grants so far.

Recent grant recipients include:

  • Luka – needed money for the kit he needed to continue his NVQ Level 2 in Sports Leadership.
  • James – needed some help to buy a laptop to support his medical studies and couldn’t find the money elsewhere.
  • Ben – has autism and struggles with day to day interactions. But he’s determined to finish his GCSE and access to the music course. The grant has paid for his tutor to help him.

Other young people, now sorted, thanks to our grants include:

  • Tracey and Sarah  – who wanted to take sports and exercise apprenticeships, but couldn’t afford the bus fare.   Now well on their way to being qualified sports coaches.
  • Ben – who got to university against all the odds with health problems, but couldn’t afford the text books.  Now in his second year, and doing great.
  • Mark – who had lost his parents and was struggling with grief and with money.  We paid for counselling to help him to focus on his future.  He’s now in full time employment.
  • Surrinder – who wanted to work in security to help fit around his family commitments, but couldn’t drive – an essential part of the job. We paid towards his driving lessons.  Now a night-shift manager for a major security firm.

Could we help you?  Talk to us about what you think is getting your way – we might be able to help.  You can apply now,  or email us on infoatMKF@gmail.com if you just want to have a chat about your ideas – no pressure.

Watch a short video about how to make a successful grant application to us

Please note all names have been changed  – confidentiality and integrity is at the core of what we do