Covid-19 Crisis Fund


As the Board of Trustees for the Matt Kendall Foundation, we know that the current situation is having a significant impact on young people in our city. It is a particularly difficult time for those in unstable work or zero-hour contracts, and we know that those who do not have financial support from family or friends are especially vulnerable. 

We believe that we have a responsibility to do what we can to help but are conscious that we need to do so in a way that remains aligned to our charitable objectives. We have been working in partnership with Birmingham Children’s Partnership, as well as ring-fencing some of our own charitable funds, to support young people in crisis and our team of volunteer administrators have been busily working hard over the past few weeks, processing as many applications as possible, to get money to those most in need.

Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Children’s Partnership have now streamlined their Resilience Funding: CV-19, (an Emergency Response Fund for the region) to make the process easier for referral partners. Applications should now be made directly to BVSC, who will field all enquiries and respond or refer as appropriate. 

Funding will be available for hardship grants, for example to buy food, medicines, nappies and other supplies for both young people and families.  Or in emergencies to pay bills, fuel, white goods or internet access.  The most up to date advise and current application form can be found at:

Click here for the Covid-Crisis application form

Completed forms or enquiries should be sent to:

Resources are limited so priority of application should be reserved for those in the most need of this crisis hardship fund. Some young people and families are facing emergency shortages of food, fuel or perhaps a fridge or cooker has broken down.  This small amount of resilience funding is to help families in emergencies only.  We are all reliant on professional judgement and integrity about how much money is required, up to £150.

The Matt Kendall Foundation has really valued the opportunity to support in the implementation and response to this crisis support. It’s helped strengthen and develop new relationships with grass-roots support agencies, that we hope will continue to refer young people to us, as we step back towards our core grant alignment.

Our aim is to move back to our more strategic and longer term support of young people’s growth and aspirational development by the end of next week (5th June 2020), and with the Council and BCP’s support, will be able to extend the grant programme; so that more young people can benefit.

MKF grants support young people to;

  • make changes happen
  • take steps in to training and education 
  • equip young people with the tools they need for the world of work

To find out more about MKF and our aspirational development grants and their funding criteria, please visit our grants page or click here.

We continue to fundraise in the meantime – please help us help young people rendered destitute by Covid-19 by donating to our fund here: