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Applying for an MKF Grant

Are you aged between 16 and 25, have a postcode starting with B (i.e. living in or just around Birmingham) and struggling to get into work, training, education or volunteering because you can’t afford the expenses?

We can help you, we just need a bit of detail 

You’re the one that knows what you need to get where you want to go, so we’re not in the business of listing everything we will and won’t fund. If you can show that what you want to spend the money on will help you get into work, we’re listening.

Ready to apply?

All you need to do is work with a sponsor or person from a professional body on the following short application. The form can be downloaded below, as a simple Word file and is colour coded, so you know which bits are for you to complete and which bits your sponsor will need to complete, before they return it to us for assessment.

Applications should be emailed by your sponsor to and we aim to turn around a decision within 1-2 weeks for receipt.

What we do with your data

Any data you provide as part of the application process is managed carefully.  If you want to know about how we manage your data under GDPR data protection laws, read our Privacy Policy.

Please note: in most cases MKF will pay for travel cards, equipment and course fees direct, rather than issuing full cash amounts. Or we will work with your sponsor, to administer the payment. Please make sure you clearly articulate what you need, and how much each item will cost, so we can work out the most suitable way to administer the funds.

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