Our main grants are now closed for applications.

For the last five years, we've supported hundreds of 16-25 years olds across Birmingham to do what they love.

Young people in Birmingham feeling “positive about life again” having received grants from local youth charity


Our charity has supported 16-25 year olds in Birmingham who have a plan to get into work, training or education but cannot find the money they need. It has been running for six years and with no paid staff, all of its fundraising income has been spent on supporting young people to thrive and reach their potential.

The Trustees are proud to have supported over 420 applications from young people in the last year alone, knowing the difference that the grants can have on people’s lives, especially during the pandemic. Since March 2020, the foundation has seen how digital deprivation has had a negative impact on the young people it supports. Closure of public spaces, colleges and other venues where people can normally access computers and internet, has meant more young people need laptops to apply for work, access education or attend training courses online.

Sophie Wilson, Chair of Trustees at The Matt Kendall Foundation, said: “The majority of the applications we’ve received in the last year have been for laptops. Being able to write essays, attend courses and apply for jobs is difficult on a mobile phone and so it has been fantastic to support so many young people to reach their potential.”

One grantee, Aimee (not her real name), was given a laptop to help her with her studies to become a social worker. She said: “I didn’t have a device to connect, I struggled with my phone a lot. This in turn affected my mental health badly. I was feeling so low and always sad.

“Hearing and seeing my tutors and my classmates gives me a sense of belonging and [with the laptop from The Matt Kendall Foundation] I am able to participate in class again. This brought so much joy into my life. I feel revived and I feel positive about life again.”

With the Foundation planning to close in May 2021, there was a limited amount of funding left for its main grants programme. Due to the enormous demand experienced over recent months, this grant funding programme have now closed a little earlier than anticipated. 

Dream Bigger Grants remain open until 19th March, with these being assessed the following week by a panel of Trustees. Successful candidates for the Dream Bigger Grants will be notified if they have been successful by the end of March.





We can help you, we just need a bit of detail 

You’re the one that knows what you need to get where you want to go, so we’re not in the business of listing everything we will and won’t fund. If you can show that what you want to spend the money on will help you get into work, we’re listening.

Ready to apply to the Dream Bigger Grants (deadline 19 March)?

All you need to do is work with a sponsor or person from a professional body on the following short application. The form can be downloaded below, as a simple Word file and is colour coded, so you know which bits are for you to complete and which bits your sponsor will need to complete, before they return it to us for assessment.

Applications should be emailed by your sponsor to applytoMKF@gmail.com and we aim to turn around a decision within 2 weeks for receipt.

What we do with your data

Any data you provide as part of the application process is managed carefully.  If you want to know about how we manage your data under GDPR data protection laws, read our Privacy Policy.

Please note: in most cases MKF will pay for travel cards, equipment and course fees direct, rather than issuing full cash amounts. Or we will work with your sponsor, to administer the payment. Please make sure you clearly articulate what you need, and how much each item will cost, so we can work out the most suitable way to administer the funds.

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