Are you aged between 16 and 25, have a postcode starting with B (i.e. living in or just around Birmingham) and struggling to get into work, training, education or volunteering because you can’t afford the expenses?  We can help you.

Just a bit of detail 

You’re the one that knows what you need to get where you want to go, so we’re not in the business of listing everything we will and won’t fund.   If you can show that what you want to spend the money,  on will help you get into work, we’re listening.

Watch this short video  – top tips for making a great grant application

Want to know more? Read:
A bit more detail about our grants and applying
Frequently Asked Questions about our grants and applying

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What we do with your data

Any data you provide as part of the application process is managed carefully.  If you want to know about how we manage your data under GDPR data protection laws, read our Privacy Policy.

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We only use National Insurance numbers to check that you have not applied before.

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We encourage our applicants to seek support or mentoring before applying. This person should sponsor your application. Please check our website for potential sources of support. If you already know someone who will sponsor your application, please tell us about them here:

Sponsor person or organisation

Name of sponsor

Name of organisation

This might be where you originally met them such as at a youth club, charity, sports club etc.

Relationship to you

This person might be your mentor, youth worker, family support worker, social worker, probation officer or youth offending team worker, addiction support worker, housing support worker, counsellor etc. This person should not be a member of your immediate family.

Organisation address



Phone number

Please ask the above named person to expect an email from us in which we will ask them to confirm your identity and support your application.

Barriers to employment

It is our intention to support young people who face barriers to finding employment, i.e. they do not enjoy certain advantages such as wealth, education, travel etc. It may be that you experience financial hardship, have been in care for all or part of your life, have a physical or sensory disability or health problems, you may have had involvement with the criminal justice system or may have yourself been a victim of crime (e.g. domestic abuse), you may be a refugee or asylum seeker or be in recovery from some form of addiction. Or there may be other circumstances that you have faced not listed here.

Please tell us in your own words why you feel you fulfil this criteria (please use 100 words or less):

Demonstrate your idea

This is where you tell us about what you need the grant for. You can complete this part in one of 3 ways:

  • In writing using between 250 and 500 words
  • By audio clip of no more than 5 minutes and no less than 2 minutes
  • By video clip of no more than 5 minutes and no less than 2 minutes

Your Idea

If using audio or video please send us a link to your recording via YouTube or similar.

We encourage you to get help to put this together, this submission must be in your own words and be your own ideas.


Where possible we would prefer to pay costs directly to service providers such as trainers and as such would require invoices. Where this is not possible e.g. for travel expenses, we will require written evidence of planned expenditure as well as your bank details.