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Offer grants that change lives!

We believe in young people.

Many young people have a plan to get into the world of work and can afford to pay for the equipment, training qualifications or support it takes to get there. But what about those that can’t?

Our founder, youth and community worker Matt Kendall, died from cancer aged just 35.  Knowing he didn’t have long, he set up the Foundation to carry on his work with young people in Birmingham to help them realise their potential.

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If you’re aged 16 to 25 years old, living in Birmingham and have a plan to get into work, training or a personal development opportunity, but can’t find the money you need for things like;

  • travel expenses
  • equipment needed for your course or trade (including uniforms or PPE)
  • training to increase your employment potential
  • fees for counselling or instruction
  • subscriptions to professional bodies
  • fees for licenses or exams

All you need to do is work with a sponsor or person from a professional body on the following short application and we will do the rest.  

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Please note, in most cases MKF will pay for travel cards, equipment and course fees direct, rather than issuing full cash amounts. Or we will work with your sponsor, to administer the payment. Please make sure you clearly articulate what you need, and how much each item will cost, so we can work out the most suitable way to administer the funds.

Watch: Top tips for a successful grant application
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